April Workparty, Potluck, and Herbal Medicinal Event

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Workparty, Herbal Medicinals, and a Potluck Too

With so much to do, we’re stretching this event out over two different gatherings.

When: Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, May 6th. Come for both or either day.Time: Workparty at 1:00pm.  

Join us for a hands-on outdoor workparty, a great way to work with fellow hOUR Economy members, to help our host Dianna Sicilia, and to give back in exchange for herbal medicinal lessons later in the evening.We have a fence to paint, nettle to transplant, and bit of weeding and homestead touch-ups, and even some voluntary apothecary work sorting dried herbs for jars. Feel free to bring gloves, work boots, clothes than can get dirty, or anything else you’d like.

Potluck at 4pm.  We’ll share snacks, drinks, and meals in between the workparty and evening herbal salve making, to ensure everyone is nourished and hydrated for all events!Salve Making at 5:30pm (ish) — As dinner winds down, we’ll transition to herbal salve making, with expert led instruction from our host Dianna Sicilia, with Sapphire Naturals Medicine. In addition to learning how to make salves from herbs, oils, and beeswax, attendees are also welcome to go home with some nettle they can transplant into their own gardens.
Location: New Hope, Virginia (full directions when you RSVP below!)RSVP?  Please!  Let us know which day you’re coming, and we will email you parking directions!  You can find us at info@hOUREconomy.org, plus you can RSVP and invite friends online here

New to hOUR Economy?

hOUR Economy is a timebank, where members exchange time rather than money for a fairer, more participatory, more joyful local economy. We believe that everyone has needs, everyone has value, and access to friendly exchange should never be limited by ones bank account. All of our events welcome new members, so please feel free to come whether you’ve attended in the past or not!

Online Connections

A couple of quick online references:

  • A huge thanks to Timebanks USA, who devoted many hours to make our online timebank at shenvalley.timebanks.org smart phone compatible. Please consider updating your online timebank offers or requests, or using it to record exchanges.
  • A quick reminder that you can also access an online members forum through Facebook — an easy way to post current or timely offers, questions, suggestions, and more. You can find it online here.

Parting shot!

Many thanks to all who came out for our late winter/early spring Seed Swap. We had so much fun meeting so many new faces, and we hope that your baby seedlings are finding their way into beautiful, welcoming weather.

Thanks again to Norm and Sharon with Geezer Farm for hosting the previous event!

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