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Much like timebanks match services with needs, gifting circles and tool libraries move goods to where they are most helpful or needed.

Sharing builds community, reduces consumption, and is a fun and gracious way to meet new friends.  Your neighborhood may not need a lawnmower in every garage, just a willingness to share and connect.   Headed on a family vacation?  Why buy a new bikerack when one is available from a friend?

The first two categories below are for sharing.  Items are lent in good faith. Please be careful to return them in a condition as nice as you received them and to say thank you to those who are sharing.

The second two categories are for gifting.Help unused items find new homes, or repurpose or upcycle gifts from others.  All items are free.

Anyone may post offers, requests, or both.  Be creative in your sharing, and give us your feedback! This site will grow and evolve based our community’s usage and response.  Welcome to hOUR Gifting Circles!


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