January Potlucks, Members & News

hOUR Potlucks This Week

New members and new gatherings in 2015

The holidays saw many new members joining the hOUR Economy, and we’re excited to host potlucks in both Staunton (on Tuesday) and Harrisonburg (on Wednesday) this week to welcome new faces and remember old friends.  In Harrisonburg, we’ll be reconvening at Josie Kinkade’s house with a special call for vegan dishes (although all dishes are welcome!), and in Staunton we will be at Brydie Ragan and Joe Cloud’s home this week.  Many thanks to all for their hospitality!

You can RSVP for one or both events by clicking here!

New News & New Members

As local news about the hOUR Economy spread, we’ve seen a number of new members the past few weeks.
Here’s a snapshot of some of what they’re up to:

Service ads in Harrisonburg:

Service ads in Staunton:
We’ll highlight additional offers and requests in future newsletters, but in the meantime please feel free to check out ALL offers at requests at the hOUR Economy online timebank.Happy sharing, all!

Come play with hOUR Economy!

News volunteers sought for 2015

Help connect people and earn hours
We are looking for some help with “timeweaving.” Often people list needs in their online timebank profiles, but don’t post service ads for them, or people miss each other’s service ads. hOUR Economy is looking for someone (or several someones…) to help people find other timebank members who have the skills they need. How many hours you commit is up to you, but it would be helpful to find folks willing to do this regularly. Please email Ros if you are interested!Or, consider joining the hOUR Economy Steering Committees, which organize our events and newsletters.  EmailCourtney in Staunton or Ros in Harrisonburg to learn more.Many thanks!

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