Seed Swap and Potluck to Kick-Off Spring

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Seed Swap & Potluck

Glimmers of spring are here, and hOUR Economy would love to celebrate together with a Seed Swap, Farm Tour, and Potluck.

When: Saturday, February 17thTime: Seed Swap at 3:00pm.
Potluck thereafter.  

At 3:00pm, we’ll kick off with a farm tour. Longtime hOUR Economy member Norm Shafer has been growing commercially at his home called Geezer Farm, and you can see how his own seed starts, greenhouse, and early spring projects are underway.What to Bring: Feel free to bring saved seeds, extra seeds, old seeds, or no seeds. We’re share and learn from each other. hOUR Economy will supply small seed bags and pens.

A late afternoon potluck will follow for food, socializing, and sharing stories — so bringing a tasty stack or dinner item is also welcome!Location: Geezer Farm, 199 Hermitage Road, Staunton, VA

RSVP?  It’s lovely, but not required!  You can RSVP and invite friends online here

New to hOUR Economy?

hOUR Economy is a timebank, where members exchange time rather than money for a fairer, more participatory, more joyful local economy. We believe that everyone has needs, everyone has value, and access to friendly exchange should never be limited by ones bank account. All of our events welcome new members, so please feel free to come whether you’ve attended in the past or not!

New to Geezer Farm?

Then welcome! Norm Shafer, our potluck and farm tour host, is also the farmer behind Geezer Farm. He has put many hOUR Economy participants to work over the years, and is also a member of the Augusta Permaculture Guild. He’s a connector between alternative economies and local food economies, and he’s also a wealth of information about seed starting, greenhouses, gardening and more.
Thank you Norm!

Online Connections

A couple of quick online references:

  • A huge thanks to Timebanks USA, who devoted many hours to make our online timebank at smart phone compatible. Please consider updating your online timebank offers or requests, or using it to record exchanges.
  • A quick reminder that you can also access an online members forum through Facebook — an easy way to post current or timely offers, questions, suggestions, and more. You can find it online here.
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