Tiny Libraries, Local Economy in Tune, and Upcoming Events

What a summer of sharing! We celebrated “Make an Exchange Week” this June, and there are so many stories to share.From building and mapping little libraries, to hosting signup nights, to one-on-one exchanges, here are just some of the many highlights from around the Valley this past week:

Little Libraries & the Sharing Economy

Little libraries embody the spirit of the sharing economy — No money needed, just a lot of fun giving what you’d love to pass along, while receiving freely from the local community.hOUR Economy members Colin and Jena kicked off construction of two little libraries in Staunton, and made the newswith their volunteer led workparties.
Harrisonburg has several already in operation, so hOUR Economy member Ros decided to make them all more findable with a Little Libraries Map of the City. Now, wherever you are, there’s a shareable summer book nearby!

Local Economy in Tune

Personal exchange of services is the backbone of hOUR Economy, as one local musician found out this month. Looking for a graphic designer to help create business cards to book gigs and network with others in the music industry, Jeff found what he was looking for in the hOUR Economy. In his words:”Using the hour economy was rad!  … It’s cool to see what people in my town/community and surrounding cities are in need of.  I am still new to thehOUR economy but I look forward to weeding people’s gardens, pet-sitting, doing music lessons, etc.  All that fun stuff that helps make connections and community happen.”

Our newsletter only had room for the front image on his business card, so you can also find Jeff’s contact info here.

Parting Shot!
A report on June activities wouldn’t be complete without a big shout out and WELCOME to the many new Harrisonburg members that joined at our June Sign Up night.  So great to meet you all, and excited to see how the
Harrisonburg hOUR Economy community develops!


Potlucks and so much more around the corner this July

Our potlucks are a great chance to get to know other hOUR Economy members. Bring a dish to share, bring a friend to introduce, and come prepared for a good time! The potlucks are also a great place to bring any questions you might have about how the whole time-banking process works. Join us!

In Staunton at Virtually Sisters, 16 West Beverley. 5:30 pm on Tuesday, July 8th. Facebook event here!

In Harrisonburg, time and place TBD, but we expect to be hosting one this August. Watch the Harrisonburg Facebook member forum here for details, or contact Ros if you’d like to help organize!

Summer School!

Our partnership with Staunton Parks and Recreation to offer classes in exchange forhours is still running! If you are interested in teaching a class or two this fall, get in touch with Steven Taetzsch. His email is: taetzschst@ci.staunton.va.us

There is one class being offered this month by hOUR Economy member Anne Buzzelli:

Stress and the Brain
Stress is at the heart of every disorder. Just like rust, stress corrodes whatever container it’s in. Each person’s body responds differently to stress, whether it’s anxiety/depression, digestive problems, heart disease, autoimmunity, or weight gain. So let’s talk about how the brain reacts to stress and what we can do about it! When the brain is regulated, choices become less impulsive (especially food choices) and we can mesh with the world instead of busily react to it. Instructor: Anne Buzzelli of Buzz Nutrition, Staunton Public Library, 6pm-8pm on July 29. Price: FREE or 2 hOURS. Please let us know if you are paying in hOURS(540)332-3945. Register by: July 25

Mending Parties:

July 9 and July 21 from 6:30-8:30 at Virtually Sisters, 16 West Beverley, Staunton VA


Media for All & Clothing for Men, July 19, 3-5pm at Virtually Sisters, 16 West Beverley, Staunton VA
Kids Clothing/Back to School Swap August 9, 3-5pm at Virtually Sisters, 16 West Beverley, Staunton VA

Donate Now!

hOUR Economy is now taking donations through paypal! If you would like to give funds to help cover the costs of our timebanking software, you can do so by clicking the donate button here!

Many thanks, and best wishes for a wonderful long weekend…

                                                                  – from the team at hOUR Economy

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